An enrolment form needs to be completed and forwarded to Labs ‘n Life prior to attendance.

The process is as follows:Gomez

Step 1 Contact Labs ‘n Life Administration Office (Anne) to discuss program availability and fees.

Step 2 Download theĀ lnl-enrolment-2018.

Step 3 Return the completed Student Enrolment form to the Administration Officer by email or post.

Labs ‘n Life Inc.

10 Gumnut Road

Seaford Rise, 5169, SA

Email: info@labsnlife.com

Mobile: 0426 833 353

Step 4 Once Labs ‘n Life have received the completed Student Enrolment form, a confirmation of enrolment will be sent to the students FLO/Case Manager/Social Worker.

  • Students are considered enrolled once confirmation has been conveyed.
  • Minimum fee for enrolment is $261 (GST inc) whether student attends or not.
  • If Labs ‘n Life Administration Officer is notified prior to the student’s first session that the enrolment is cancelled this fee will be waved.
  • Labs ‘n Life Inc must be notified of student’s withdrawal from the program.