Labs ‘n Life Incorporated

At it’s base level Labs ‘n Life is a re engagement program for youth at risk of disengagement, trauma and other barriers to their community wellbeing. Whilst not specifically designed as a therapy, mental health or disability service, Labs ‘n Life offers young persons the ability to promote and improve self esteem and confidence whilst establishing routines, a fun learning environment, animal interaction and promoting social inclusion. This is built on experiences with youth at risk of disengagement due to trauma and other associated vulnerabilities. The idea is to create a program that is accessible to those who otherwise may not have had access to similar programs with similar beneficial outlooks.

Labs in Communities
Labs ‘n Life offer community programs, run through the week at various locations, to provide access to the program outside of a school setting to those young persons who are not accessing school at the time. This allows the young person the benefit of the same style of program, but just in a different setting. Community programs are held with the support of the councils and various sporting entities who allow us to use their facilities. These programs are run during the school term and during school hours to help establish a routine of getting up and going somewhere during the school/work day.

Labs in Schools
Identified students from a school work with the same dog over a term, semester or year.  Generally the selected students are experiencing significant barriers to a positive involvement at school.  Work with the Labs ‘n Life “magicians” – the dogs – has consistently produced an increase in attendance and improved learning outcomes for the students.

Labs ‘n Life Core Dogs
Privately owned dogs are utilized in the Labs ‘n Life program. They are brought to the program for their specific temperament, willingness to learn and continue to bond and study with their young person and intuitive natures. All dogs used in all our programs are much loved family members of the staff who facilitate this wonderful program.

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