At Labs ‘n Life we stop thinking of youth problems as the principle barrier to youth development and start thinking of youth development as the most effective strategy for preventing youth problems.

The Labs ‘n Life program enables students to develop:

  • An interest in training Labradors in basic obedience and an understanding of responsible dog ownership.
  • An ability to successfully train a Labrador for the specific purpose of improving the lives of others.
  • An understanding of dog vocations in the wider community and their impact on members of our society.
  • An ability to solve problems, reflect, communicate and demonstrate the knowledge they develop about Labradors and training Labradors.
  • A solid foundation of knowledge about Labradors, training dogs and dogs in the wider community.
  • Their literacy, numeracy, social skills, empathy, effective communication and employability skills in a practical setting.
  • An understanding of citizenship and their role in becoming an effective and productive part of wider society.