Our Dogs

All Labs ‘n Life Dogs

  • Are trained in basic obedience and basic harness work by young people in Labs ‘n Life Core or School Programs.
  • Delivered to Labs ‘n Life programs or a central location as required.
  • May be exhibited in conformation shows by Labs ‘n Life participants
  • May participate in beach walks and other Labs ‘n Life events.
  • May work in up to 6 sessions per week with different young people.

Labs ‘n Life Dogs

  • Are owned by Labs ‘n Life.
  • Will be specifically trained and placed to work as dogs for assistance (once assessed).
  • Require significant sponsorship to enable final placement.
  • Require host families for the length of their training.

Brood Bitches

  • Owned by Labs ‘n Life.
  • If test results etc are suitable, will be used to produce Labs ‘n Life dogs.
  • Will remain with host family for life.
  • Require sponsorship to cover costs.

Core Dogs

  • Owned privately.
  • Require small sponsorship to cover specific Labs ‘n Life equipment and other requirements.