Hot Weather

 Hot Weather Policy

At Labs ‘n Life our commitment to the ethics and wellbeing of our dogs is paramount. This especially applies during extreme hot weather. This not only means when working the dogs at programmes, but also the transporting of dogs in vehicles (including stoppages), transferring from destinations over hot surfaces and access to cool water and air conditioning.

We respect associations such as Dogs SA, the Animal Welfare league and the RSPCA and as such have adhered to their similar guidelines for the modification and/or cancellation of events due to hot weather.

As such our Hot Weather policy is as follows:

Where the temperature is forecast at 34 degrees or higher programmes may be amended where applicable in consultation with stakeholders.

Temperatures forecast at 36 degrees or higher will result in the session being cancelled.

Any enquiries regarding the Hot Weather policy should be directed to the Administration Team

Ph: 0417 857 187                             Email: