From the initial pilot in 2007 of one 3-hour program per week, Labs ‘n Life currently offers 20 programs each week covering Schools in the Northern, Western, and Southern regions.

Core Programs provide a wide variety of young people with the opportunity to experience success and gain confidence whilst learning how to build relationships. Theory components aim to improve competencies in a variety of schooling subjects.

Lab Schools

Targeted students from a school, work with the same dog over a term, semester or year. Generally, the selected students are experiencing significant barriers to a positive involvement at school. Work with the Labs ‘n Life “magicians” – the dogs – has consistently produced an increase in attendance and improved learning outcomes for the students.

Labs ‘n Life Core Dogs

Privately owned dogs are utilised in the Labs ‘n Life Initiative:

  • Give young people success because they are working with a dog already partially trained. Students have to discover effective communication.
  • Absolutely love going to “work”.
  • Are at different levels of training to allow different levels of challenges for students.
  • Allow students to form bonds and achieve goals se throughout the program.