From the initial pilot in 2007 of one 3-hour program per week, Labs ‘n Life currently offers 20 programs each week covering schools and communities in the Northern, Western, and Southern regions.

Core Programs provide a wide variety of young people with the opportunity to experience success and gain confidence whilst learning how to build relationships. Focuses on social and community wellbeing and citizenship helps re engage students into a comfortable and safe learning mind set and give them the confidence to continue their education and daily lives in the way they want to succeed. All programs are peer based groups facilitated by the Labs ‘n Life team.

In 2021 Labs ‘n Life expanded into sessions specific to target age groups, to better help foster peer and social interaction and community wellbeing relevant to those age groups. Two sessions were introduced for Juniors and Young Adults to help give opportunities for success in an increased and diverse society.

Labs ‘n Life Core Dogs

Privately owned dogs are utilised in the Labs ‘n Life Initiative:

  • Give young people success because they are working with a dog already partially trained. Students have to discover effective communication.
  • Absolutely love going to “work”.
  • Are at different levels of training to allow different levels of challenges for students.
  • Allow students to form bonds and achieve goals se throughout the program.